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Welcome to The Garden's Test Drive Meme! This is a simple TDM for trying out the setting. There will be no murder in this meme (I mean, unless you really want to).

This does not guarantee a reserve in the real game. The Trial Round (which WILL include a murder) will open up 5 more reserve slots at 8pm today on Sunday (GMT+8), and a 5 person waitlist after that if necessary.

Game info here. Have fun!

You've arrived, awoken by the sound of windchimes and the sunlight streaming in through an open window. It's easy to think that you've woken up somewhere safe, until you get up, and a stack of papers slip off your body. What's this? Why, it's a list of every sin you've committed your whole life, ranging from the small things such as food wastage to the big secrets such as murder. It also includes disobedience, lack of filial piety (if applicable), treachery, betrayal, acts of greed... all dated down to the exact date, time and context. For some, the stack of papers is probably enough to fill the whole room. Crap, what do you do with all of this!? And how did they find out in the first place!?

After you've been briefed about how dead you are and how your soul will probably be damned to hell without the whole 'murder someone else and get away with it' ordeal, it might be good to take a break. A short walk to take in the many beautiful places on this island. Just be careful, don't get lost-- hey, these trees are starting to look awfully repetitive, and why are there no Gardeners around...?

If you go towards the direction of the lake, you'll find that there seems to a town in the distance. However, there's no boat to ferry you across the body of water, and there are lots of signs absolutely begging you not to swim. ...Try anyway?

You've received a gift! Or, rather, a present from the people back home who miss you dearly. They've burnt you some joss paper items, and Meng Po has decided to hand them over to you. How nice to know some people still care about you! Some will receive normal items from back home, such as food or trinkets, while others will receive more interesting stuff: such as swords, or poisons. Maybe she has an ulterior motive in surrendering these things to you...? Oh, and someone got an entire car, which can't even fit in the room or any of the walking paths, so she just had it dumped on the roof of the pagoda. Uh... care to claim it? If you can even get up there.

If you have any questions, ask away! Characters can expect to find normal things you would see in a garden-- lots of flowers, fruits, even a few tables with chessboards engraved onto them, so on so forth.

(A note: any thread with 10 comments from you, including top level, can be used as a sample in your app!)

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