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The Gardeners ([personal profile] thegardeners) wrote in [community profile] thepits 2017-04-17 10:19 pm (UTC)

bad c-dramas constantly on a loop

If you ask politely enough to get a remote to change away from the C-Drama channel, you'll find out that the channel listings in the afterlife make no sense, and pressing to move up one channel will randomly bring you up by 20 or something. Nanashi himself can only find old TV channels from his own world (as in, probably before it got nuked into non-existence), but it'll sometimes switch to watching security cameras for some reason. Both within Nanashi's world and also within the island they're trapped on, though there doesn't seem to be any cameras around. Huh.

Feel free to take liberties with what he sees! Just don't make him see his own death (the permanent one, at least). The screen will cut out before that.

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