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Always show courtesy and respect to your fellow players. Harassment of any kind will not be tolerated. Please come to the mods if you have any issues! We will give players one warning before removal from the game, unless it is serious enough to warrant immediate banning.

2. IC =/= OOC
What you know is not what your character knows! Likewise, what another character does to yours is not reflective on the other player on an OOC level. Please keep OOC drama out of IC roleplay!

This includes things like 'LIGHT YAGAMI IS SECRETLY KIRA' and such reveals. If your character doesn't know it, don't somehow shoehorn it in magically. This is a murdergame, man, we love our villains.

Please be active! Activity check will be weekly, and you will be asked to produce two ten-comment threads with two different characters that were started on the week of the check. Not one before, even if half of the later comments are from this week or such, etc.

Should an emergency arise, please inform us! We will do our best to write your characters out of trials (Xiao Bai accidentally knocked them out with a broom so they can't go, etc). However, if you will be unavailable for too long or too frequently, we may choose to death roll your character to keep the game going.

This is not a hard-and-fast rule, but for the sake of suspense and murder-mystery and such, we suggest that you keep your character's role a secret! Whether they will be the future victim, or murderer, or the mole, it's more fun to keep it quiet and have it slowly reveal.

Though this is a murdergame and there will definitely be some sensitive topics that come up between characters, please properly warn about the content in the titles and such! Remember, communication is key: ASK other people if they'd be alright with having less than glorious details about sensitive subjects in your character's canon or personality in their tag. As long as the players handle it maturely, we will allow characters to talk about anything.

HOWEVER, making light or poking fun at sensitive subject matter will not be tolerated. These topics include but are not limited to: rape, incest, abuse (of any kind), and so on. While they may be discussed MATURELY with appropriate warnings, if you must do a double-take and wonder 'is what I'm going to do against the rules?', it is best not to do it at all. In the event that anyone has any problems with another player's behaviour, whether IC or OOC, please contact us!

Remember that the mods are only a short PM or PP away, so hit us up if you are ever unsure. Have fun and enjoy the game!

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