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Hello! On Frisk in particular, it'll be decided depending on the route they are chosen from. There are two big issues:

1. Pacifist Route/maybe Neutral Route Frisk is still a child and may not fit under our maturity clause
2. Due to having no written dialogue, the voice of the character is solely dependent on player interpretation and may not fall under maturity clause

For the Trial Round, it is perfectly fine to voicetest there! However, if we decide the player's interpretation and character voice does not fit the overall theme of the game, we will not allow Frisk in the actual game. However, if you want to play a different version from the Trial Round, it would be good if you could provide test drive threads before application so we can review them!

Note: By the way, having Frisk be completely mute is acceptable, so what matters is that your character is capable of understanding what it means to sin/commit crimes/commit murder etc., and that they can still communicate though actions.

In general, silent protagonists who do actions/have the choice to do actions which reveal basic personality traits and morality even without dialogue can be accepted, but for Frisk it'll depend on whether the character can fit into the game's setting.

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