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What is The Garden?
It’s a murdergame set in the afterlife where characters vie for the chance to be reincarnated and go back to their original worlds. After death, unfortunate or expected as it may be, characters will wake up on (rather itchy) beds. Welcome to The Garden.

Your character can die and may die, so if you’re not okay with that, this may not be the game for you.

How’s the schedule?
We run on a 1 : 1 IC/OOC day ratio. Please keep this in mind as murdergames can run at a fast pace.

Our calendar is on GMT + 8 timezone.

The trial round will last from 17-23 April.
The murder incentive (as if you need it, you damn sinners) will be released on 18 April.
The murder will take place on 21th April, with the body being discovered/investigations starting on 21th (Friday) 9pm, and the trial on 22th (Saturday) 8pm. Please note these times are tentative, so if you feel that another time is better/more convenient for everyone, do say so!

The actual game, barring any schedule changes, will be slated for Nov-Dec 2017, with four to five rounds of M U R D E R.

What kind of characters can I play?
For the trial round, you can choose to play any character as long as they are not a CRAU or a fandom OC character. For cases of silent protagonists or customizable protagonists (Dragon Age, etc.), it’s on case-to-case basis, so contact us with who you have in mind! Fan-made AUs are also not playable for the time being.

We will not be putting an age limit. However, please do ensure your character is capable of communication and such. We may reject applications if we deem a character too immature/young to understand the implications of murder or if they constantly go against/cannot fit into the darker tones of the game. Again, feel free to contact us with any appability questions.

There are no apps for the trial round. \o/

My character is non-human/a demon/already dead/etc!
Don't worry, Hell doesn't discriminate! Anything which has a semblance of a life (some free will, the ability to sin, etc) can make their way here. Since not being reincarnated into a human is also a form of punishment, your character's (now ended) life will be treated as a punishment to get rid of their bad karma, to keep it simple. They're still not good enough to be picked for reincarnation right away, but they're not so bad that they'll be sent to Hell immediately!

Bear in mind that they do not remember how they died. See below for IC FAQ.

Are there any caps?
Two per canon, one per player, and twenty characters total for the trial round. We may change this for the actual round.

I don’t live in the GMT+8 timezone ballpark. Can I still join?
You can, but do bear in mind the trial timings and that you have to show up to time-sensitive events.

Powers and abilities?
All nerfed, to make things fair for everyone. Check in with us for abilities that are special/will be needed for the character’s life sustenance. Basically, everyone should be of realistic human strength/endurance/vulnerability. Characters who have chronic illnesses will miraculously be cured, but still weaker than average, while superheroes can probably still suplex you if they wanted to.

Does my character remember how they died?
Nope. They’re just told that they’re dead, and they’re free to believe it or not. Even canon deaths can’t be remembered. Though some may be able to guess pretty easily (say, if they’re just heading off to battle or already in the hospital for a terminal illness), their last memory can be an innocuous as going to school or strolling in the park.

Who runs this joint?
The Garden’s head mod is Timpeni, and the storyboard mods are Eon and Star. We all live in the GMT + 8 timezone and do want us some happy stabbing times, but most murdergames did not give us a chance due to our schedule, so we’ve decided to try and open our own.


Where the Hell am I?
Well, you got that part right!

Congratulations: you are dead. And you will be told that, from the moment you awaken from your rather uncomfortable new bed, by either a kind young lady or a very annoyed girl. It’s the luck of the draw on who introduces you to your brand new afterlife. You mean you don’t remember a thing about dying? Well, that’s pretty normal, so don’t sweat it.

The afterlife doesn’t seem too bad at first: you’re brought onto a beautiful island, decorated with blooming trees and magnificent architecture. However, most of the island is locked away from you from the start: you are shut into the middle of the island, locked in by large, imposing gates. And nope, these aren’t the pearly gates you were promised. In fact, Heaven as you know it doesn’t exist at all! Oops?

This is a sort of Purgatory, but with a twist. You see, there are just too many souls to reincarnate everyone, so the ruler of the Underworld has decreed that the souls will be pooled together and the lucky ones will be chosen via elimination. So now, you’re all stuck on an island. You’ll find that, despite being dead, you seem pretty alive: breathing lungs, beating heart, etc etc.

But that just means you can die! Again! Which is exactly what this is about.

Chosen via elimination?
If you kill someone (punish them for their sins) and get away with it, your soul will be purified and you will be guaranteed a spot to leave the island. That is, to say: reincarnation. Another life, and hopefully, a better one... for the price of another’s.

After a death-- yeah, you actually can die again-- characters are given a whole day to investigate, before the trial.

Yes! No one is just getting away with murder that easily. Murder is a sin too, after all, and sins must be punished.

All the characters must come together and attend a trial in the main building in the middle of the island (though, the location may change in... special circumstances).

At the end of each trial, there are two voting rounds: the first round is to vote for the culprit, and after that, the second round is to vote for exoneration. However, if you get the culprit wrong, the exoneration vote doesn’t occur.

What if I get caught for murder?
There’s still hope, even if you got caught for murder! You can try to justify to the rest of the people that the person you killed deserved to die. If you manage to get a majority vote for exoneration, you will be reincarnated.

However, if you fail...

What if I get found out for murder, and don’t get exonerated?
You go straight to Hell. As in, any layer of Hell, depending on exactly what crime you committed. There’s the fire torture Hell, spike impalement Hell, boiling oil Hell, dismemberment Hell...

Yikes! Is there any other way to get reincarnated?
Yes, actually, there is a way! There is a very important peach tree planted in the Courtyard, which is your first starting area and available to access throughout the entire game. It has three flowers, and every time a soul is condemned to suffer in Hell (OOCly, this is every time a trial ends), one of these flowers will fall.

When all the three flowers fall, the Gardeners who tend to your living area promise you that everyone still on the island will be reincarnated, as per the celestial order. However, if you decide to exonerate a soul, the flowers will not fall. Instead, the Gardeners warn that something... unexpected will happen when mercy is granted to a sinner. See below.

By the way, if you pluck these flowers, you go straight to Hell.

Don’t do it.

This isn’t fair!/I don’t like this!
Well, the Gardeners can’t do anything about it either, it’s a divine decree. So why not make the job easier for them by complying? They’re employees too.

There are spirits who stay on the island to take care of the plants and the all-important Peach Tree. They’re forbidden from intervening though, so good luck in trying to get murder spells out of them. However, if you’re nice to them, it might prove to the higher-ups of your relatively potent virtue and give you an advantage if you get put on trial.

I.E. they can testify if you have helped them and maybe this will convince your compatriots that you deserve to live, but they will never be murder witnesses or be implicated in any of them. When a murder occurs, they’ll be mysteriously absent from the entire island, as if they can see in the future and chose to disappear... everything, from corpse discovery to investigation, will have to be up to the player characters.

Except the janitor who cleans the bodies.

Poor guy.

So what if I’m the murder victim? What happens to me then?
Well, you’re not getting reincarnated if you’re double-dead. That’s all you’ll be told. Of course, the only other option seems to be one of the many, many layers of Hell, so...

If you don’t want to take your chances, why not strike first?

What if we fail a trial/choose the wrong culprit/decide to exonerate?
It’s not the end! The murderer will get away scot-free, but another flower will bloom on the Peach Tree due to the failure of the jury to serve justice to the true culprit. By the way, the wrong culprit still gets sent to Hell despite all this, because the murderer’s sins are ‘imprinted’ onto them before they can be reincarnated.

tl;dr you just sent an innocent person to Hell and made another Peachy Hellflower bloom, are you happy with yourself.

That means one more murder has to committed, and one more trial must be run, before everyone can be reincarnated. If you keep failing trials, or exonerating the guilty, perhaps the day will come where there are not enough people, and it will be impossible for all the flowers to fall. In that case... it truly becomes a matter of who strikes first, isn’t it?

What if a trial is unsolvable?
Don’t worry! We have the perfect Mod Litmus Test to ensure this doesn’t happen. Basically, players discuss their murder plans, Timpeni reads them over and sends them to Eon, and if Eon can’t solve them, they’re too difficult!

Really though, the mods will do their best to make sure every trial is fair and there is no ‘perfect murder’. We ask that the playerbase also design fun and not impossible murder mysteries to solve! However, since it’s possible to get the wrong person in this game, while we give hints if the characters go off on the wrong tangents, if false suspicions arise organically through character interaction and eventually even lead to incorrect trial results, you CAN steer your way right into a Bad End. Even if murders can be solved, there’s the issue of whether to exonerate or not, too.

It’s all up to you.

Any special roles?
Our Lords of Hell are bored people, and-- let’s be real here, this complicated kill-or-be-killed setup is pretty entertaining to watch. Therefore, to any of the more enthusiastic participants, they may be given special roles.

That is, to say, characters will be ordered to tamper with murder or murder someone themselves for certain incentives: promises that their loved ones will be reincarnated into a better life, for example! Or even a promise that they’ll be born into an obscenely rich household should they get away with murder. These deities can grant gifts of fortune that no one in the living world possibly can. Therefore, if they decide to spice things up, it is possible you may be selected as a mole.

This is purely opt-in! Even if approached, you can turn it down with no consequence. Of course, a bit of behind-the-scenes always gives the game a bit more suspense, doesn’t it?

This isn’t happening in the trial 8( But we hope to implement it in the real game!

Other than murders, are there any rules? Any code of conduct?
Not many! Since The Garden doesn't really have much of an overbearing controlling big bad (or so it seems...), you're allowed to do as you please. That means you can wreck the place, set your room on fire, etc etc., though you'll find that any damage you make seems to miraculously fix itself very quickly. You can even hurt or kill NPC Gardeners, or attempt to hurt the main NPCs, but do not expect to walk away completely without consequence. Anyway, your soul is literally being judged right now, try to be a good person!

The only rules are:
1. Breakfast is from 7am-8am. Lunch is from 12pm-1pm. Dinner is from 7pm-9pm. You can ask any Gardener for the time, or check the incense clocks around the gardens. The smell changes according to the hour. You'll have to get used to them.
2. Do not harm the Peach Tree.

Are the peaches safe to eat?
Yes, they’re perfectly safe. In fact, they’re delicious.


If you’ve got any queries, feel free to PM the mod account, or hit the mods up at [ profile] Timpeni or Timpeni#3109 on Discord! You may also comment here.

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Hi there! I know silent characters are on a case-by-case basis. Was wondering what's the mod verdict on characters like Frisk from Undertale?